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Model RP-1250 Echo Autonomous Range Picker

Model RP-1250 Echo Autonomous Range Picker

The golf ball collector Range Picker 1250 is a further development of our well-known RP-1200. Thanks to the RTK-GPS support, the ball collector does not work randomly, but can systematically process a surface in lanes. Furthermore, RTK-GPS prohibition zones are supported. Thanks to the RTK-GPS technology, different installation variants can be created for each robot without changes to the wire laying. At the same time, golf clubs benefit from either wireless mode or hybrid technology consisting of cable and RTK-GPS. This allows working close to high obstacles.

Our golf ball collectors are a real innovation for driving ranges on golf courses. The large-area robot collects golf balls completely automatically. As soon as the collection basket is full or the battery level is low, it drives independently to a golf ball discharge point, where the golf balls are temporarily stored in a shaft or transferred to a golf ball management system. At a charging station, the golf ball collector automatically recharges his battery. Ball collecting robots do not bury golf balls because they are lighter than traditional cylinder mowers or ball collecting devices. Parallel to the ball collector, also called a ball picker, a robotic lawn mower from Echo Robotics can take care of the lawn. Golf balls are not damaged because the robotic lawn mowers are equipped with special spacers. Together as a team, the ball picker and the robotic lawn mower represent an ideal symbiosis on the driving ranges of golf courses. Employees can focus on other tasks. The work is almost completely quiet, as the large-area robots are equipped with a double-walled housing and quiet-running motors. You can manage the robots online via fleet management, available as a web portal via the browser and as an app for Android and iOS. Administrators can use the user role management to assign users rights that only allow the robot to be monitored or even controlled. As a greenkeeper, you also have numerous possibilities to analyze the robot as well as the terrain and to shift the area performance in a targeted manner. A particularly innovative feature is our GPS-defined zones (formerly called GPS plots). With these you determine on which sub-areas a ball collector within the driving range should preferably collect golf balls. This increases effectiveness. Because most golf balls are within certain areas, such as below a slope or in the middle of the driving range between 50-150 m.

Expected Delivery 90 days
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