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Model TM-2050 Echo Autonomous Mower

Model TM-2050 Echo Autonomous Mower

The ECHO TM-2050 is the most powerful robotic lawn mower in the world. With an area performance of up to 18+ Acres, the robotic lawn mower is ideal for large sports facilities with several football pitches or on golf courses for fairways and driving ranges. Up to three sports fields can be mowed in daylight. In contrast to the conventional TM-2000, this one is equipped with an RTK-GPS receiver.

While using pattern navigation, the robotic lawn mower regularly changes its pattern and reference point so as not to create permanent lines or mowing tracks. You can configure 1-4 direction(s) per workspace. The lines are so precise that even linesmen use the banding for offside evaluation.

In addition to work areas, RTK-GPS prohibition zones can be set up. These allow high-precision exclusions, and are ideal for flower beds, targets, sandbanks, the entertaining exclusion of lawn repair areas or ancillary areas depending on the weather.

Due to the multi-zone capability, the division succeeds even with complex surfaces. You can set an individual cutting height for each work zone and use a schedule. The access and control options via app or web portal facilitate work and monitoring.

Our TM-2050 has a robust housing that keeps even golf ball shots out. For cleaning, the robot can be set up as a whole. With 5 oscillating cutter heads, the robotic lawn mower ensures an excellently clean cutting pattern, as they can adapt optimally to the terrain structure.

Expected Delivery 90 days
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